Divorced Women

Our approach to serving divorced women is truly unique. Our branded division, Luma Wealth Advisors, was founded with an understanding that a woman’s wealth is about more than just money; we provide a community in which women can learn, connect and celebrate.

When you are getting divorced, you want to move on, but without financial stress. Experts agree, it is best to work with a financial advisor, to ensure you know the financial ramifications of a settlement. The advisors at Luma Wealth understand the emotions and the financial responsibilities you may be facing, and will be your guide as you navigate your changing circumstances.


Luma Wealth understands the unique needs of high net worth women who:

  • Value attention to the emotional aspects of their financial decisions and want to learn how to better prepare their entire family for the future;
  • Are well-educated, but not necessarily well-versed in financial planning;
  • Are active within their communities and often focused on a variety of philanthropic activities.

The Luma Wealth team makes a difference by providing strategies that are sensitive to the overwhelming experience of a divorce. These strategies help put our clients at ease and create peace of mind.


Fairport has long been a leader in helping women build their financial acumen and wealth. In 1990, the firm became an industry pioneer when it launched its first educational series for women designed to increase financial literacy and socially responsible giving. The program was the seed for the now highly acclaimed Luma Wealth Solutions for Women™ program, which has been designed for the unique learning styles of women. The program addresses a broad array of topics of particular interest to women, such as how to find the right advisors, charitable giving strategies, asset allocation and investment strategies and raising financially responsible children. Click here to sign up for an upcoming Luma Wealth event.