Collaboration with
Other Professionals

Set Up A Discovery Meeting Our clients tell us that one of the most beneficial aspects of working with Fairport is that we are proactive in collaborating with their other professional advisors. This may include CPAs, attorneys, trust officers and others who assist our clients.

Professional Advisors Chart

We act as our client’s financial quarterback, working alongside their other advisors to ensure that the client’s best interests are being served. Through this collaboration, we can create a more comprehensive financial plan for our clients. Some examples include:

  • Recognizing that a client does not have, or has not recently updated, basic estate planning documents like a will, trust or power of attorney, we work with the client’s current lawyer to update or create such documents. We can also recommend several attorneys and other professionals to our clients when needed.
  • In order to manage portfolios in the most tax efficient manner possible, we collaborate with our client’s CPA to address tax-related issues. Being cognizant of activity in outside accounts may influence the actions we take in managing their Fairport portfolio. Noting that a client has a large loss carry-forward may prompt us to take some gains.
  • Reaching philanthropic objectives with real tax advantages is attained by working with a community foundation to establish a donor-advised fund.