Pie Chart IconFairport’s Investment Team offers diversified portfolio choices that serve a broad range of risk profiles and are aligned with an individual’s life goals. We are committed to identifying the most appropriate investment style or styles for each client’s taxable and tax deferred assets. 

Tailored to Meet Your Needs & Goals

Our objective is to clearly understand how individual clients view each of the variables below in order to develop a customized investment program.

Time Spending Risk Chart

The ultimate success of the investment program is determined by its ability to address the opportunities and challenges presented by the financial markets in concert with the client’s time, spending and risk needs.

  • Our “open architecture” platform allows for portfolios to be constructed using the full range of investment options.
  • Portfolios are built with a global and diversified perspective.
  • Diversification includes utilizing asset classes with low correlations resulting in less risk and reduced portfolio volatility.
  • Reduced volatility allows for greater compounding of wealth over time.
  • Our experienced investment team reviews accounts periodically with a disciplined process.
  • Research produced from both internal proprietary models and external independent resources is incorporated into our strategic and tactical asset allocation.
Low to High Risk

Stable Value Lifestyle

On the risk spectrum, this choice is for clients who want to minimize risk of volatility and need or want current income.

Conservative Lifestyle

This choice is a balance for clients who require growth from equities but also wants a healthy dose of bonds to reduce volatility.

Balanced Lifestyle

This choice offers clients a mix of more stocks to bonds than the Conservative Lifestyle choice to provide a greater opportunity for growth balanced with more stable investments.

Growth Lifestyle

This choice is more aggressive but stops short of an all-equity portfolio. It is geared to clients with a time horizon in excess of five years.

Aggressive Lifestyle

This is an all-equity portfolio for clients with a high risk tolerance for volatility and with a time horizon in
excess of five years.