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What to Do When Your Doctor Has Bad News

As a business owner, it would not be unusual that you or a fellow shareholder in your business be given a serious health diagnosis one day. That unfortunate news would likely have you questioning whether or not your business is prepared (properly designed buy-sell agreement, key person insurance, etc. – but that’s a topic for a future communication).

So, you are faced with a shocking medical diagnosis. It’s natural that emotions – sadness, anger, depression and fear – take over.

What to do?

  • Be proactive.
  • Engage help from your fellow shareholder(s). Also, from your outside business owner quarterback (Fairport) – do you have one?
  • Don’t play good day, bad day.
  • Get ready to be tougher, more patient and more emotionally disciplined.
  • Consider finding a physician who will be your healthcare quarterback. Key considerations are trust, communication, expertise, fees and references.

We encourage you to learn more by just reading this two page article. We are confident you will feel more motivated to take those next empowering steps.

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