The 5 Step Financial Makeover

Calculator, pen and pad.

Heather R. Ettinger is a partner and senior advisor at Fairport Asset Management. Her passion is assisting women to be good financial stewards. Heather was named as one of the Top 50 Distinguished Women in Wealth Management according to Wealth Manager magazine’s April 2008 issue. Heather was recognized for her overall contributions to the wealth management industry. She is a member of the FSM Center for Women’s Community Advisory Board.

Recently it seems as if the country has been taken over by the Henny Penny syndrome. With good reason everyone feels as if the sky is falling. We are paralyzed with fear. We follow the actions of others because they say we should. And it feels as if we walked right in to Foxy Woxy’s den with the corruption of Madoff, Wall Street and others.

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